Umbria is a beautiful holiday region and we live in the middle of it. Our house is situated on a hill on the edge of a village with around 40 houses and looks to the west. The road to it is paved and if you continue it you will end up in a nature reserve ("white" road). Our house is really in the heart of Umbria. There is plenty to do in all corners of Umbria in terms of culture and relaxation.

We rent out on a very small scale (mainly due to word-of-mouth advertising) and we do not advertise on booking sites.
We offer you all the peace and privacy to float in the pool or relax on a lounger. You can have a glass of wine and enjoy the sunset, which gives the hills in the distance an orange-purple glow.

You can also follow a pizza course with us; we rent out 2 mountainbikes to explore the surroundings
We try to give you enough information to participate in real Italian events.

Surrender to Umbria