Voorzijde huis vanaf de weg

Het vakantieverblijf  is onderdeel van een  vrijstaande villa en vanaf een verharde weg goed te bereiken. Het huis heeft voldoende parkeerplek en is goed toegankelijk voor auto’s. Met Google Earth of   Google Maps is dat goed te zien.

The address is:
Via Cerquiglino 13
Gualdo Cattaneo




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The top floor (street level) is for the owners and below are the two guest apartments. Both apartments have their own entrance and are not connected by stairs or anything else to the upper house.





The house is situated on a hill with panoramic views and (often) a beautiful evening sun. Around the house are olive groves and vineyards, grain and sunflower fields. Sometimes there are hot-air balloons "floating over".





There are several terraces around the house where you can find a place to relax. 








From both apartments you step immediately onto the terrace of the pool. Around the pool are plenty of sunbeds and seats for sunbathing. At every hour of the day you will find a place around the house in the shade".


The road at the end of the village turns into a "white road" and ends in a nature reserve, where mountain bikers have their tracks. It is possible to get to Assisi. 




Apartment "Vintage"
(4 persons / 2 bedrooms)

The apartment is equipped with central heating, kitchenette with oven and stove, fridge freezer, microwave and Senseo coffee machine. There is plenty of crockery available. 




The beds in both bedrooms have a length of 200cm.

There is enough cupboard space.






The bathroom is simple, but functional.








Apartment "Modern"
(2+2 pers / 1 slaapkamer)

The living room / kitchen are bright, very spacious and furnished luxuriously. It has a beautiful view over the valley and pool.
Two adults could sleep on the sofa bed if necessary.
The IR-resistant windows keep it cool in the summer.

The bedroom is bright, very spacious and contains plenty of storage space. The beds are adjustable in height.
The bed is 200x180cm 






The bath room is very large, practical, luxurious and has a lot of storage space











  • We do not charge any additional costs for reservation, final cleaning, bath towels/linen, bedding etc.
  • You can use free WiFi for email and for normal internet use. But the bandwidth is too low for streaming services !!
  • The tap water is of good quality and you can drink without any problem.
  • If you want to use the Senseo coffee machine you will need to bring your own coffee pads. They are not for sale in Italy!
    In appartement Modern staat een Lavazza  koffiemachine. De capsules zijn wel in de supermarkten te koop.
    Otherwise there is a Bialetti-percolator to make real Italian coffee
    There is also a coffee filter machine
  • Every day around 11.30h a baker stops ar our neighbours' house across the road with fresh (white) bread. He does, unfortunately, not always have brown bread (whole wheat).
    If you like we can bake a brown loaf of bread for you. A 9-grain loaf (1kg) will cost you €2.50
  • At 500 meters away there is a local supermarket / adjoining coffee shop / annex wine cantina where you can do some small shoppings.
    Within a radius of 10 km you will find all major supermarkets
  • About 3 km away is a slow-food farm: Fattoria Luchetti. They have their own cattle and sell their meat (excellent quality) directly to the end user.
  • And last but not least, about 4 km away is a good winery: Cantina Baldasarri. They sell their wine in bottles and also per box. (+/- €12/5L)
  • There are plenty restaurants to choose from. For about €20 pp you already have a 3 course menu (incl. water and wine).
  • We have no TV (and guests have never missed it)



  • You can follow a pizza workshop €60/4pers all-in (food and drink)
  • There are 2 mountain bikes which you can rent per week for a small fee. With every rental I have them professionally checked and maintained.
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